Scrollup lets you impressively present your videos and images, capturing your audience's attention. It is not just a display but a practical and mobile solution for your marketing and internal communication needs. You can use it in various settings, such as campaign and product promotions, customer welcome and presentations, hotels, information areas, fairs and events, and company announcements.

Scrollup is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to express their ideas creatively. With its innovative design and advanced technology, Scrollup sets a new standard in visual communication.

Say goodbye to traditional roll-up banners and hello to Scrollup - the new standard for visual communication.

A new standard for visual communication

Scrollup is designed for a diverse range of businesses and organizations that are looking to elevate their visual communication and marketing efforts. 

Trade show exhibitors, congress hotels and centers, hotels, event management companies, airlines, airports, shopping malls, bank branches, gas stations, educational institutions, municipalities, government institutions, company headquarters, and reception areas can benefit from the innovation and mobility of Scrollup. 

Whether for campaign and product promotions, customer welcome and presentations, or company orientation and announcements, Scrollup is the perfect solution for those seeking a creative and practical way of presenting their message.

Discover how Scrollup can revolutionize your industry

Trade Show Exhibitors

Showcase all products effectively and create a lasting impression

With Scrollup, you can easily showcase your products at trade shows with an effective and innovative presentation method without needing any printed materials or reliance on computers. This lets you creatively present your products and services, demonstrating innovation and technological sophistication. Scrollup's portability makes it easy to take your messages anywhere worldwide, ensuring you create a lasting impression on potential customers everywhere.

Hotels and Convention Centers

Elevate guest experience and generate additional revenue

With Scrollup, you can easily showcase your hotel or convention center's services and amenities in a unique and impressive way for every event or meeting you host. You no longer need to rely on traditional printed materials or standard presentations, as Scrollup provides an innovative technology that can make you stand out as a tech-savvy and innovative company. 

By renting out Scrollup for your events, you generate revenue and offer your customers a more creative and forward-thinking approach that prevents the use of clichéd products and saves on the cost of purchasing and maintaining traditional presentation materials. The rental model has been shown to allow you to recoup the cost of the product in just one year, and for high-volume venues, it can do so even more quickly.


Enhance branch experience

For banks and bank branches, Scrollup offers an innovative method of promoting their products and services within the branch while showcasing a modern and tech-savvy image. With Scrollup, banks can provide customers with an impressive and memorable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

By incorporating Scrollup into their branch design, banks can also reduce their reliance on traditional printed materials and static signage while promoting a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach. This can save costs associated with printing, storage, and disposal of materials.

Unlocking the business potential of Scrollup with Infinia's expertise

At Infinia, we go beyond just offering innovative and effective solutions. Our team of experts works closely with clients to develop customized strategies that help maximize the potential of Scrollup. By identifying new markets, developing creative pricing models, and exploring untapped revenue streams, we help our clients generate sustainable profits and achieve their business goals.


Gas stations

Modernize advertising and increase sales

With Scrollup, gas stations can transform their business into modern and attractive locations. Scrollup provides an innovative and eye-catching method for gas stations to advertise and promote their products and services and for national food brands to advertise and boost sales.

Gas stations are now becoming small and high-volume points of sale that offer various products in a market-style setting. With Scrollup, gas stations can easily showcase their advertising and promotions dynamically and interactively, reflecting the constantly changing nature of their business. In addition to promoting their products, gas stations can rent Scrollup to brands and advertisers.

Using Scrollup, gas stations can generate additional revenue while creating a more modern and appealing image for their business. Scrollup has been shown to provide a quick return on investment, with gas stations recouping the cost of the product within 12 months.

Educational and Government Institutions

Embrace innovative communication

Scrollup offers an innovative and user-friendly approach for educational institutions, municipalities, and government agencies to modernize their presentations at every meeting and event they organize. With Scrollup, you can easily showcase your materials more efficiently and impressively, freeing you from the hassle of traditional printing and follow-up processes.

Scrollup provides a compact and easy-to-use platform that ensures a smooth presentation experience, saving time and resources for educational and government institutions. This modern technology can also help you stand out as an innovative and forward-thinking organization.

Using Scrollup, educational institutions, municipalities, and government agencies can create a lasting impression on their audiences, whether students, colleagues, or citizens. You can also benefit from the cost-saving feature of the rental model, where you can recoup the cost of the product in just one year. With Scrollup, your institution can enhance its image as a tech-savvy and innovative organization while impressively presenting informative materials.


Boost your internal and external communications

Make a lasting impression with Scrollup's innovative and easy-to-use technology, perfect for both internal communication and external marketing.

Scrollup is the perfect solution for enterprises and their headquarters to improve internal communication. Its dynamic and engaging display allows for efficient and effective information sharing among teams and departments. Say goodbye to outdated memos and clunky presentations. With Scrollup, you can share updates, announcements, and even training materials in an interactive and visually appealing way that will capture your employees’ attention. This not only improves the communication flow but also boosts employee engagement.

For external marketing, Scrollup provides a modern and eye-catching way to showcase your brand at events and presentations. Scrollup can present your products and services in an impressive and memorable way that sets you apart from your competitors. Whether you're at a trade show or a conference, Scrollup's dynamic display will draw in potential customers and leave a lasting impression. And with its customizable design, you can tailor your messaging to fit your brand's unique voice and style. Make a statement with Scrollup and watch your brand awareness and customer perception soar.